Who is really corrupt?

On any given day, we may find people discussing corruption, in trains, at bus-stops, and at almost any gathering. There shall be opinions about how our system is corrupt and how each and every neta is corrupt and everyone will go on their story of dealing with the corrupt. People will come up with every possible solution to this ever growing problem. And ultimately all will move on to their chores after one common conclusion “Kuch nahi ho sakta is desh ka”.

But have we for a moment thought about the root of this problem? The truth is NO, we love to criticize others and give opinions but we haven’t really thought of the root of this problem. Or perhaps if we know the root, we are not willing to accept the cause. I said we may not be willing to accept the cause and rather neglect it because i am very sure that at least we are not ashamed of this thing!

All must have heard of 2G Spectrum scam, evaluating to Rs 176,000 Cr. It’s a huge amount right? Now, for a moment let’s put this scam aside and peep into the life of a common man.

Many (in fact most) of the people must have got an opportunity to take an official tour to somewhere or make an expenditure for official purposes. How many of those people show exactly the correct expenditure? Unfortunately, only a small percentage of people do! Others, just make fake bills, raise the amount of the bills and claim the “extra income”. Is this not corruption? If you consider it okay, then just think how would you feel if your maid charges you extra for s mop? Would you not feel cheated then? In a similar way, most of us are cheating our companies or government by making fake bills!

Let’s take another example. We may have to go to bank sometimes for some or another work. Many of us are having our relatives or friends in banks. What do we do? We simply call them up and say that I am coming and upon reaching you jump the queue and wow, your work is done in a moment. What about all those people who are slogging in line for long? Poor people, they are stupid people, they don’t have contacts, right? Is this not corruption? We are using our sources to get ahead of others then why is it considered moral and ethical?

If we are ever caught by a traffic cop, we refrain to pay the correct fine, and instead we pay him his share, a mere sum of Rs 100 to get away! Is this not corruption?

We pay our servants an amount which is not even sufficient for him, let alone his/her family! We pay them no bonuses no gifts no respect no insurance no retirement options, yet when the same thing happens to us we say it’s wrong!

We try to use money and our so called contact almost everywhere, yet we proudly say that we are not corrupt! These are only few of the examples. There are hundreds of examples in our daily lives which prove that we are corrupt to the core.

We are doing exactly what those politicians and rich businessmen are doing. It’s just that “sab apni aukat ke hisab se khelte hai”. A politician makes a lot of money because he has resources to do so. We are making small amount of money because we don’t have any resources to do so! We can only manage to make 10-20,000 illegally whole those can make lot more then this! When we use our resources to get our work done, it’s okay, but when they use their resources, it’s a big No-No!

This is all not fair! We have no right to criticize anyone unless and until we ourselves are morally and ethically correct. What corrupt people do is nothing different from what we do. It’s just that we do it on small scale and they do it on large scale. It’s not corruption, its jealousy that shows, that how the hell is this man making lot more black money than I am able to. Worst thing is, we don’t even know that we are corrupt.

We need to change ourselves to change others. Please stop doing all such activities. Its high time that we must change. It should be controlled within. Unless and until we change ourselves, we have no right to shout at others and to point fingers at others.  We must be the change we want to see in the world.

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One Response to Who is really corrupt?

  1. brahamayi says:

    I agree with your point of view. And my addition is that a country can only change when it’s people change. And for people to change every individual must take the initiative to change, in whatever small way he can!

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